Michael Slays fallen angel

What is the best bible version?

–[ 11 MIN READ] How do Christian brothers fight each other? …With Canons That is a good question. One that deserves/demands an answer. In my laymans’ understanding you will need various texts. Because the Bible is a ‘book of books’. First question is, ‘which cannon’? So, for this post we will only look at the Americanised Cannon of 66 …

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Hebrew is Greek

–[ 37 MIN READ] If I didn’t already have a modicum of understanding of this subject, I confess, I would not understand his book, “Hebrew is Greek” particularly scholarly and quite meaty, written by one of the worlds foremost living linguist. Though my take is a little different, but I don’t disagree with the factual data and respect the …

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The Book of Esther is not inspired…NOT AT ALL

–[ 27 MIN READ] History Of The Book Of Esther The question of whether the Book of Esther belongs in the canon of Scripture has been raised from the early period by both Edomite Jews and Christians. The Book of Esther is one of a small literary group of Books (along with Tobit and Judith) with very distinctive characteristics, …

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