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We have NEVER seen a country try to take on the New World Order (the god of the kingdoms of this world) and ALMOST WIN, not since the early church. We have seen many TRY, but they got burnt at stakes, fed to lions, and buried alive. Defeating ZOG is something ONLY King Jesus is going to be able to do… so, if Hitler defeated ZOG from planet earth, it would prove the Bible WRONG!

(((They))) the children of darkness and their father the devil, made an example out of Germany for their subordination. They murdered another 1.5 million civilians during peace time. And caused the dumbed down masses say, “good, they deserve it”. They invented a story called “Holocaust”, its used for political leverage and to bilk Germany out of Billions of German dollars annually. Even America and Britain have to give Israel tens of Billions of dollars to our pimp, we also have to fight their wars, etc…

There have been numerous Martyrs to resist and even try to fight against it through the ages of millenniums. But they were mostly simply captured and fed to lions, burned at stakes, and hung on crosses.

The inquisition is a good example of the Nephilim satanic bloodline. If you didn’t know, the catholic Pope is just a puppet, the BLACK POPE has all the power and control. The Black Pope is the Head of the Jesuits.

Ignatius of Loyola (Crypto Jew) started the “Society of Jesus” ie. Jesuits. He financed it through the international Jewish banksters. The Jesuits FORCED all the other secret societies, like Free Masons to join them, and if they didn’t they would be killed. It was a bloody time, but ALL occult/secret societies did join.

When the Pope visits Israel, the Pope has to kiss the hand of the Rabbis. The Rabbis don’t kiss the hand of the Pope. Also the Pope has to cover his cross while kissing them. This is a public demonstration of WHO HAS THE REAL POWER.

So you see, if you look a little more carefully you can see. Its always been the fallen creatures that we now identify as “Jew”. It was the “Jew” whom God instructed Joshua to clear the Promised Land of. He was instructed to eradicate every man, woman, child, and all their animals too. They perverted the entire land. King David cleared the land of Jews by the 10s of thousands. But even during Jesus’ ministry there were still these wicked creatures in the Promised Land.

And…. they are with us to this very day. When you get eyes to see, WW2 and Adolf Hit1er will become one of the most fascinating events since the early Church.

But don’t despair, Ive read the end of the Bible… WE WIN. Jesus will return to planet earth and eradicate all evil, including the “Jews” and at the end of the 1000 year Millennial Reign, He will cast them into a Lake that burns with fire.

Visit this site, its one of the most well constructed sites that leads its readers on a logical progression as it exposes the myths and truths about Adolf Hitler and the German spirit.


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