Understanding God’s Command for the Wave Sheaf

–[ 38 MIN READ] Dwight Blevins with contributions from: Betty Blevins, Marlin Halverson & Cassandra Halverson The commands of God for the Wave Sheaf as recorded in Leviticus 23 are very specific. The fulfillment of these commands is directly connected to the crossing of the Jordan River when the children of Israel began to conquer the land of Canaan also.  There is …

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How to count fifty

–[ 48 MIN READ] The Feast of Weeks Down deposit on the new covenant Holy Spirit given New tounge Gifts of the Holy Spirit given Book of Ruth Count 7 weeks, then “morrow after the Sabbath “Number for yourselves 50 days” giving of the 10 commandments at Sinai Wave Sheaf “Thunder” in old testament translates as “voices” The Great …

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Pentecost is Part of God’s Plan

–[ 65 MIN READ] Dr Bob Thiel This article is a combination of two articles (Aust JW. Pentecost in God’s Master Plan. Good News, May 1985 and Lesson 27 – Pentecost – Only “Firstfruits” Now Called! 32 Lesson Bible Correspondance Course, WCG, 1984), plus many scriptures, some edits, and original writings done by Dr. Bob Thiel, AKA COGwriter. Pentecost, …

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