World War ONE & TWO – Harry Knowledge

–[ 2 MIN READ] Prologue: Two World Wars, the Treaty of Versaille, Dresden, Eisenhowers Death Camps, Famines, Starvation, German Women Raped en-masse, Stasi Politician Infiltrators, the Berlin Wall, Forced Multiculturalism, Intense Anti-german Media Propaganda, Allied-occupational Owners Since 1945, Endless Hollywood Anti-german Movies, the List is Staggering, Have a People in History Suffered More Than the Germans? I Really Doubt …

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Jewish Bolshevik Rape

–[ < 1 MIN READ] ‘Ilya Ehrenburg was a Jewish Bolshevik writer and journalist. Ehrenburg was best known as the top war propagandist for the Bolsheviks during World War II. During this time, he exhorted Bolshevik troops to kill and rape Europeans that stood in their way. Ehrenburg authored an especially vitriolic leaflet entitled “Kill,” which was circulated among the …

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