The largest execution site of Croats:Slovenia,Maribor(English translation)

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The Biggest Execution Site of Croats is a 2017 documentary film written and directed by Roman Leljak, a Slovenian publicist and investigator of Yugoslav communist crimes. He made the film after the successful documentary Huda jama. He talks about the Yugoslav communist crime against Croats in Tezno near Maribor. Leljak also wrote a book of the same name. Both were made only on the basis of archival material that he received in the military archives in Belgrade. They found documents of partisan units, the partisan main staff of Croatia and the partisan general staff of the then JNA. The documents unequivocally indicate those responsible and who managed the prisoners of war, how many of those prisoners were on the Way of the Cross. The survey reached the number of 444,426 prisoners, found out how many people were in the final operation between May 9 and 15, 1945, etc. The film brings statements of partisan commanders and generals and liquidators about how they were killed. According to their statements, 30,000 Croats were liquidated in Maribor. To this day, almost every nation in Europe has cared for its World War II dead except Croatia and Slovenia who have not arranged the graves of their dead. The author notes that the Tezen forest in Tezno near Maribor is the largest execution site of Croats and that never in the history of Croatia have there been so many dead in one place as there. There is still no memorial or cross on the execution site. Leljak warns of plans to cut down the Tezenska forest and turn the execution site into agricultural land, which will plow the unmarked graves of 30,000 Croats and sow wheat and corn on them.

Google Map of Tezno


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