The Ultimate Red Pill

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Reviewer:Doula-d – favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite – July 3, 2020
Subject: Great follow up video for TGSNT

Great video just like:
The the Greatest Story Never Told
By Dennis Wise
And I not surprised it was deleted off YT due to its truthful nature of accounts that actually happened.
Hitler during the years 1933-35 put viv-section laws in place which meant no animal testing ………. which US companies could not get their foot in the door to start up their petr-chemicals bi-products known as pharmaceutical products??????? critical thinking….
Which other company could not get their foot into Germany as German cars did not run on Petrol????????????

Reviewer:Carbon46 – favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite – July 25, 2019
Subject: Free speech is dying

Let me first say that I truly believe that this video is the truth about Hitler. I am amazed how youtube removed this video because it was so repulsive….really!? I can watch murders ,rape, people killing themselves or porn or lying propaganda on YouTube those things are repulsive ‘ yet they seen this video so awe full that it had to be removed…… I realize that in the past when things like this was done it was because it was the truth. Along with our brainwashing our kids by sending them to schools just so the parents can go to work & have a free babysitter (school) and while separated from parents they’re told all sorts of lies…. I can go on and on. But I’ll leave you with a thought…. this is totally a different subject but let’s say u stopped paying your car registration & 6 months down the roAd u get pulled over for expired tags but when the cop looks up the cars owner,,,he finds out that it’s yours….ticketed anyway….. do u see my point? If it’s been registered already……why do I have to continue to re-register it every year & a half?! Unless it changes ownership or that I move somewhere else then should it be paid….I’m tired of the lack of motivation people have to stand up


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