Why is there SOMETHING rather than NOTHING?

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In 1714, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz stated, “Why is there something rather than nothing? The sufficient reason … is found in a substance which … is a necessary being bearing the reason for its existence within itself.” The question is quoted by professional Philosophers as the ‘Most important question ever asked’.

Atheist’s can’t stand this question because the answer exposes their delusional state. Although the question is Metaphysical in nature, the answer is irrefutable: measurable, mathematical, Physical sciences, physics, and logical.

Answering his question, answers other questions like, “Who made God?”, or “Where did God come from”

5 minutes of the most cringeworthy university professors splainin’ nonsense

Time, Space, and Matter

In the beginning [Time] God created the heavens [Space] and the earth [Matter]
~Genesis 1:1

The Christian worldview is that God created everything in 7 days.

  • Day 1: God created light
  • Day 2: God created the sky
  • Day 3: God created dry land, seas, plants, and trees
  • Day 4: God created the sun, moon, and stars
  • Day 5: God created creatures that live in the sea and creatures that fly
  • Day 6: God created animals that live on the land and finally humans, made in the image of God
  • Day 7: God finished his work of creation and rested, making the seventh day a special holy day

Class over, very simple right? This model can answer ALL scientific data, hasn’t changed in 3,500 years (Since Moses wrote Genesis). Was true all the way back to when God created the first humans in the Garden of Eden, 6600 years ago. Most all people with truth, understood this fact until the Jew Charles Darwin (who dedicated his book “Origin of Species” to Karl Marx… yes, that Karl Marx).

The atheist worldview is quite fraught with problems. They try to explain the existence of all things by leaving God out of the equation. Their biggest challenge is they have to do this in spite of all the scientific facts, math, and logical truths.

Atheists will try to tell you that human-beings and monkeys have the same parents (common ancestors). Im not joking, they really do say that. With a straight face, they will tell you the Cherry Tree, Sperm Whale, and common house fly all come from the same set of parents!

In fact they say ALL living things originally came from an inorganic ROCK! They say, BEFORE there was any organic matter at all, there was a torrential rain that got a rock wet and pooled up. and then, all of a suddenly a bolt of lightening struck the wet spot and out jumped an organic living thing. Now Thing 1 had no wife nor anything to eat… but yet, Thing 1 lived for thousands of years and then magically produced Thing 2 (long before reproductive organs were a thing).

Summed up in 7 minutes by Kent Hovind

So… where did THAT come from?

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims the work of his hands. 
Day to day utters speech, and night to night proclaims knowledge. 
There are no speeches or words, in which their voices are not heard. 
Their voice is gone out into all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world. 
In the sun he has set his tabernacle; and he comes forth as a bridegroom out of his chamber: he will exult as a giant to run his course. 
His going forth is from the extremity of heaven, and his circuit to the other end of heaven: and no one shall be hidden from his heat. 
The law of the Lord is perfect, converting souls: the testimony of the Lord is faithful, instructing babes. 
~Psalm 19:1-7

For the invisible things of Him are perceived from the creation of the world, being understood by the things that were made—both His eternal power and Godhead— so that they are without excuse; 
Because when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but they became vain in their own reasonings, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 
While professing themselves to be the wise ones, they became fools 
And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of an image of corruptible man, and of birds, and four-footed creatures, and creeping things. 
For this cause, God also abandoned them to uncleanness through the lusts of their hearts, to disgrace their own bodies between themselves, 
Who exchanged the truth of God for the lie; and they worshiped and served the created thing more than the One Who is Creator, Who is blessed into the ages. Amen. 
~Romans 1:20-25

We can look around at nature and see plants, animals, mountains’, lakes, sun, moon, stars, and ask… where did all this material stuff come from?

There is an undeniable unbreakable principal: All things that begin to exist MUST have an explanation for their existence. Consider your pet dog. The dog MUST have an explanation for its existence, otherwise things like your dog could just pop in and out of existence for no reason at all.

So where does your dog come from? Your dog came from its parents. So where did the parents of my dog come from? They came from their parents… and they all came from their parents, and so on and so on. This same regression is true for ALL living things, birds, fish, tress, flowers, elephants, bacteria. Everything produces fruit after its own kind (Genesis 1:11-13).

“The LORD has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble” ~Proverbs 16:4. This verse suggests that scientists can only study what God has made, and when they can’t find a purpose for an organ in a living creature, they call it “vestigial”, a nonsense saving-mechanism to prevent them from having to speak the truth. Same thing with the earth, sun, moon, and stars… they say “Singularity event”, another anti-science saving-mechanism.

ALL time, space, matter MUST have a beginning

“Matter” is the physical substance that all things that (exist in the physical world) are made of. Matter is the clump of atoms and molecules that create the physical world. Matter can be expressed on the Periodic Table as elements. ALL physical things are either elements or compounds of elements… there is NOTHING else in the physical world beyond these 118 elements.

Math and science PROVE Time, Space, and Matter CANNOT be eternal because of the limitations and parameters of ENTROPY and the INFINITE.

2 hour documentary of the most fun you will ever have with Chemistry


The Second Law of Thermodynamics, also called “Entropy” is another unbreakable law that says EVERYTHING in the universe is in a state of losing energy. Everything is winding down, decaying, slowing down, losing heat, getting older. So to get in your car and go to the store and come back would require energy in the form of gasoline. It would be impossible for you to return from the store with MORE gas than when you left, because that would violate the law of Entropy. There are no known exceptions to this rule.

The sun has only a finite amount of fuel, the moon is slowing down in its race around the earth, the stars are slowly burning out, the mountain’s are slowly eroding, all life is born then rushes toward death. At some time in the distant future, this would suggest the whole universe will end up in total darkness, zero heat, zero movement, zero life.

This means EVERYTHING must have began to begin. The Sun for example MUST be finite or it would have burnt out a long time ago. It only holds so much energy. There could be no mountains, because even the tallest mountain is eroding at a rate of 1/4 of an inch per year, if the earth was 13 billion years old, the mountains would have to of started out 51,294 miles taller than they are now.

Even DNA is slowly corrupting over the generations (DNA Entropy), there are no examples of chromosomes GAINING new information. When a pest becomes immune to a farmers poison, its because it genetically mutated DOWNWARD, it lost information. Its like a cop going around arresting people, so someone got the bright idea to cut their hands off so that the cop could not put handcuffs on him. That might make him immune to the arrest, but he lost information to do it.

All scientists, worldwide, agree unanimously that all matter MUST have a beginning. That is the reason they invented the “Big Bang Story” and “Singularity Event”. Not to go into why that math and science is as ridiculous as people coming from monkeys. But it also begs the question, where did the first MATTER (material/substance) for the “Big Bang nursery rhyme” or “Singularity fallacy” come from? (Why do atheists keep trying to “explain” Big Boob and Sing-u-lair-ty to non-Evilutionists? Don’t they realize we’ve had that garbage shoved down out throats for decades, all through school, on TV, and every where you look? We can make THEIR arguments better than they can, its them who don’t understand OUR arguments)

Finite energy and Heat Death explained by Frank Turk

The Infinite

The word “infinite” means without any beginning or end, at all. A synonym for ‘infinite’ is ‘Eternal’. There is no example of something in our dimension that goes on forever and ever and ever and ever… One might try to say outer space, but that is just speculative, we can only see so far and no further, like a highway in the desert that converges on itself to make a skinny triangle then disappears over the horizon.

Another PROOF all things must have began to begin.

How many days would it take to arrive at today, if time were infinite? You might say, 6 Grillion days. But 6 Grillion days will fit inside of Infinite, so that means today is in the past. In fact 6 Grillion days plus tomorrow and another 6 Grillions tomorrows will also fit inside of infinite, therefore all that time is in the past. Truth is you can’t get to today if there are infinite number of days in the past.

A video explanation by a Christian, professional Logistician.

What caused Time, Space, and Matter to come into existence?

Since we know that Time, Space and Matter must have a beginning. Then there must necessarily be something ETERNAL that caused the first thing to come into existence. This Eternal thing must also be OUTSIDE of Time, Space, and Matter. For example, the person that builds Snow-Globes must be external to the Snow-Globe.

P: Whatever begins to exist must have a cause
P: The universe began to exist
T: THEREFORE: The universe must have a cause

According to the most brilliant minds the world has to offer, for the past 2200 years there exists only two LOGICAL possibilities for things that can exist ENDLESSLY (without bound/ perpetually/ everlasting). There are ONLY two Eternal things that could even be considered as the cause for the existence of Time, Space, and Matter; “Nothing” or “God

There are ONLY two answers, and ONLY two choices. There exists no other possibilities.
1) “Absolute Nothing at all” CAN exist eternally. “Nothing” can exist indefinitely. Because there is nothing inherent about “Nothing” that can change within itself. Trust me on that, I know a lot about ‘nothing”. There is nothing that can come from “Nothing” because its not anything, not gravity, not “flux”, not electricity… its has no properties of Time, Space, or Matter. ONLY nothing can come from “Nothing”, which is still “Nothing”. There is of course, no example of absolute nothing at all, not even a vacuum. Because vacuums exist in a place ‘somewhere’. It exist in time, it has a “when”, and a vacuum is held in with matter. “Nothing” cannot exist in the presents of something. So, it IS logically POSSIBLE for absolute “Nothing” at all to exist eternally. (It is also logically possible that “Nothing” NEVER existed.)

2)  A spaceless, timeless, immaterial, personal, intelligent, powerful Being is exactly what Believers call “God.” An immortal, devine, creative BEING is also logical. In fact ALL logic points to this Being, and there exists NO LOGIC that points away from God. There is no philosophy department on planet earth that has a silique that ends with “THEREFORE: God cannot exist”. There exists no “truth” outside of Him who created the known universe and beyond. There is an embarrassment of riches that prove unequivocally that ALL science, logic, math, and all things that agree with reality that this eternal Being does in fact exist. So, its not only possible that He exists, but its impossible that He doesn’t exist.

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable.
~Isaiah 40:28

Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.
~Psalm 90:2

To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.
~1 Timothy 1:17

The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
~Deuteronomy 33:27

So either absolutely Nothing at all created everything, which it can’t because Nothing isn’t anything and doesn’t have creative power. OR the Eternal Creator God created everything. That choice seems very simple, doesn’t it?

If you don’t know about the attributes and proofs of God, then why don’t you? We live in an age of the internet, wallowing in that kind of ignorance for such an important question seems outrageous and unreasonable… what a disgrace you must feel like on the inside.

God Almighty is the Creator of all Time, Space, and Matter. That can be the ONLY logical, scientific explanation within reason.

Why can’t some people accept proof?

Vilenkin from his book Many Worlds In One: “It is said that an argument is what convinces reasonable men and a proof is what it takes to convince even an unreasonable man. With the proof now in place, cosmologists can no longer hide behind the possibility of a past-eternal universe.”

For an AntiChrists that not even a proof can convince, they don’t have an informational problem, they have a psychiatric problem. There are reasons why men stand on the earth and shake their tiny little fists at the Eternal, All Powerful, Living God. Some do it because a tragedy has befallen them such as the death of a loved one or other serious life event, they are angry at God. Some can be demon possessed or oppressed, yes, that is a very real thing and happens quite often in these end of days. The bible also speaks of those who KNOW God exists but suppress the knowledge of Him because they love their own unrighteousness. These are the sexually perverse, pathological liars, greedy, ego/pride/self centric, and other forms of lawlessness (Romans 1).

Neurologists have discovered a region in the brain they call “the God Part”. Its about the size of a roll of dimes and runs through the frontal lobe. The job of this region is to do nothing except “recognize man-made from natural objects” it discerns Intelligent Design (ID). People of faith have a functional “God Part”, if they were walking through the forest and came across a painting, they would recognize that paintings don’t paint themselves, therefore, somewhere in the world there must be a painter. Buildings have builders, and coffee cups have coffee cup makers…

Those whose “God Part” frontal lobe development have been stymied will see the world in very limited and superstitious ways. Ive noticed the AntiChrists also lack a certain creativity, they have a tendency to take the “easy way” out. They avoid deep thoughts of any real substance, they can think in complicated avenues but its like a ball of yarn, where all their thoughts are balls of wadded up conundrums of long rabbit trails that lead to nothing but dead ends. They can spend a lifetime trying to unravel nonsense.

Researchers have lit up the “God Part” with electrified probes. The AntiChrist can suddenly see God everywhere. But it is short lived after they remove the stimulus. These patients are not retarded, morons, or imbeciles for even the low IQ Believers have a mental and neurological functionality above that of the Antichrist.

How to regain sanity

You may have noticed my language for Antichrists isn’t very flattering, and its true, if you are reading this and you are an Antichrist you are in my eyes worthless and dangerous. But not all is lost. The Living God you KNOW exists is ready to accept you into the Family. Wherever sin abounds, Grace abounds even more (Romans 5:20). God is no respecter of persons, you have to get inline like everybody else, your not special.

If you want to receive His Great Spirit, you have to put your hand to the plow. You can’t sit back and expect God to do everything for you. Its like the man who told his wood-burning stove, “if you give me heat, I will give you wood”… well, it just doen’t work that way. You aren’t going to bargain with the Almighty like that. He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, you must fall to your knees and submit through worship and obedience.

Begin by prayerfully reading the Bible and endeavor to do Bible things the Bible way. When the Almighty sees your are faithful with a little, He will give you more revelation. “Here a little, there a little. Line upon line. Precept upon precept.”

The 10 Commandments is a great starting point. They were written by the very finger of God Almighty into tablets of stone, and there is no other writing like that on planet earth. Those are the INSTRUCTIONS for Image Bearers. When you get ready, then tell God you want to follow Him, and will do ANYTHING He tells you to do. And in your struggle to obey Him, remember we have an advocate with the Father in the person of our High Priest, Jesus the Messiah. Who has the power to atone for our transgressions.

Have no other Gods before the True God
Do not serve Idols
Do not blaspheme the name of God
Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy
Honor your father and mother
Do no murder
Do not commit adulatory
Do not steal things
Do not lie to people
Do not lust after other peoples stuff

Walking in faith is how we develop a working relationship with our Creator. When God sees you are faithful with a little, He will give you more. But don’t sin, do not KNOWINGLY PRACTICE EVEN ONE SIN. That will make you the object of wrath rather than the object of mercy.

God is not a respecter of persons. Yes, it will work for you just like it has worked for 1000s of years of Christians before you. Be patient, be faithful to what has been given you, and read the Bible. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, and over time, you will come to absolutely love the Author.


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