Ancient Greeks were Homo-disgusted (Not Gay)

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Everyone knows the Ancient Greeks were gay right? How has this lie seemingly permeated the minds of everyone in society? I think this is just one instance, one I happen to feel strongly about, of people writ large allowing themselves to be taken in by a story, without considering whether or not it may actually be true.

I made this video to do my small part to correct this error, and defend the men who I view as the progenitors of much of western society. I hope it can serve as a reminder to you going forward that vigilance paid towards such lies is the only way to keep them from spreading and doing their harm.

REUPLOADED. I had to censor the art in the video for depicting nudity, despite the fact that all of this could be seen in a public museum. Sorry for the black bars, but the video tends to not be shared around very often on youtube if it is age restricted.


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