Todd Edwards

How To Answer The Fool

–[ < 1 MIN READ] Sye Ten Bruggencate put “Presuppositional Apologetics” on the map. He uses logical progression to expose the absurdity of atheism. All knowledge, reason, and understanding MUST come from the Almighty, everything else leads to confusion and chaos. Sye explains the reasoning and demonstrates it in this video.

The Biblical Calendar

–[ < 1 MIN READ] I remember meeting Herb Solinsky maybe 30 years ago. Even back then he was extraordinarily brilliant with biblical calendar issues. He has written a dozen books (All free to download–and study) that are incredibly detailed and thorough. He has addressed every objection I’ve ever heard. No matter what your persuasion, you should at least know …

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Sabbath Lunartic

–[ < 1 MIN READ] John Hall explains biblical calendar variants, in some detail. From floating sabbaths to the Zadok calendar…and when does the day begin. He makes compelling arguments in this video.

24 parallels to Passover and the Second Coming of Christ

–[ < 1 MIN READ] Sean Griffin does an excellent job of bringing out the spiritual significance of the Passover and the second Coming. His science is off as he is a Flat-Earther, and he will merchandise you quicker than Joel Olsteen. With that said, Sean has sound theology everywhere else. He is a talented teacher, especially for lay people.

Why Hitler Put Jews in Camps and Ghettos

–[ 13 MIN READ]  Many people question why Adolf Hitler put Jewish civilians into camps and ghettos during World War II. People often assign false reasons for why Jews were interned in these camps. For example, Dr. Christiane Northrup, a highly intelligent and ethical medical doctor, says that Hitler interned Jews because he claimed they were infecting other people …

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The Christian Passover Book cover

The Christian Passover Book

–[ 2 MIN READ] With nearly 500 pages, The Christian Passover Book is the most comprehensive, easy to read book, Ive ever seen. Plenty of charts, illustrations, graphs, and layman explanations to guide the reader. The citation is quite thorough and authoritative. You can read it on-line or download it for FREE. You can also order a hard copy, …

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Ukraine is not a victim

–[ 6 MIN READ] As a political analyst and more importantly as a spiritually minded student of the Scriptures, I am absolutely convinced of this: When the major establishments all pounce on one subject, collectively decide who is a victim and who is a villain and beat the same drum every day over and over in total unison, the …

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