Did Methuselah live until after the flood?!

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A friend is writing a book on the chronology of the bible, a huge undertaking. One of problems, he posed, is the Septuagint seems to say Methuselah lived 14 years AFTER the Flood! You may ask, why not simply use Usher’s chronology, the simple answer is because he got his information from the Masoretic Text (Leningrad Codex) of 1100 AD. Because the Masoretes were a highly corrupt anti Christ society of warrior Khazars and made some 30,000 doctrinal changes deliberately, asking the Masoretes to relay the Holy Bible is like asking Pedo Drag Queens to read stories to children.

As it turns out, this question has been posed for almost 2000 years. Many theologians from the distant past have already written extensively on the subject. The short answer is, its a simple scribal error, its a just a typo.

Presented by Henry B. Smith Jr. of Associates for Biblical Research at the International Conference on Creationism, July 2018.

For the most up to date information on the Genesis 5 and 11 Research Project, visit: https://biblearchaeology.org/abrproje…

Many biblical scholars who interpret the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 as yielding a continuous chronology from Adam to Abraham claim the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) preserves the original begetting ages for the patriarchs. The MT’s total for this period is 2008 years. The Samaritan Pentateuch (SP) presents markedly different chronological data for each epoch, for a grand total of 2249 years. Calculations derived from the primary manuscripts of the Greek Septuagint (LXX) yield a chronology of 3394 years for this period, 1386 years greater than the MT. The MT is classically represented by the Ussher chronology, which places creation at 4004 BC and the Flood at 2348 BC. Figures from the LXX place creation at ca. 5554 BC and the Flood at ca. 3298 BC.

This paper proposes that the LXX preserves (most of) the original numbers in Genesis 5 and 11. Most of the MT’s chronology in Genesis 5 and 11 does not represent the original text, and is the result of a deliberate and systematic post–AD 70 corruption. Corroborating external witnesses, internal and external evidence, text critical and LXX studies, and historical testimonies will be presented, along with arguments rebutting LXX inflation hypotheses. Explanations for important, accidental scribal errors will be discussed, and a text critical reconstruction of Genesis 5 and 11 will be proposed.

Many thanks to Anthony Etheve for creating and editing this video: https://questcequelaverite.com/

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