Rebooting the Bible (Septuagint vs Corrupt Masoretic)

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The timeline of the Old Testament, as conventionally understood, is wrong – way wrong. This is because it is based on the Masoretic Text (MT). However, if we consider the timeline of the Septuagint (LXX), what we discover is that the Bible’s authentic timeline, created from the original documents of the Old Testament in 280 BC in Alexandria, Egypt, provides a chronology that is easily aligned with the records of Egypt, Sumer, India, and China – concerning when their respective civilizations began.

That timeframe? Roughly 3100 BC. This means the great flood of Noah, likely occurred (as many scholars now acknowledge) about 200-250 years earlier (3360 BC).

This video begins with a focus on Nimrod and how the traditional story of Nimrod and the rebellion at the Tower of Babel provides sufficient evidence to overturn the conventional biblical timeline. The LXX informs us that Nimrod likely wasn’t born until about 100 years after Babel. This video fleshes this thesis out and also goes into depth to discuss the rabbinic conspiracy of the late 1st and early 2nd century (AD) that led to a corruption of the HEBREW Old Testament (compiled roughly 400 years AFTER the LXX was translated.

This video delves far deeper into the story of the Bible’s timeline than other videos produced so far by S Douglas Woodward. Please listen and share the video with your friends and family. This story needs to be told. The truth has been hidden for over a thousand years, not due to a conspiracy, but due to a failure to discover historical truth.

What is the historical proof that the Septuagint was the choice of the Church Fathers for the first 500 years of the Church’s history? What differences do we see in the stories of Genesis 1-11, if we accept the Septuagint’s timeline which adds 1,386 years to the primeval history of Genesis (from Adam to Abraham)?

In part two “Rebooting the Bible: A Detailed Discussion” Doug Woodward walks the viewer through how the Masoretic Text was created and why it’s suspect since its rabbinical authors changed dozens of messianic passages in the Hebrew Text in an attempt to invalidate the candidacy for Jesus of Nazareth to be the long-awaited Messiah.

These corruptions of the original, authentic Old Testament text, would be incorporated in later Greek Versions created in the second century AD by Aquila, Symmachus, and Theodotion, while the original Alexandrian Septuagint created in 280 BC, would be cast aside by Judaism claiming it was “the Christian Bible.” Likewise, the chronologies of Genesis 5 and Genesis 11 were altered as it was believed that the Messiah would come 5,500 years from Adam. But by shortening the timeline (1,386 years in Genesis and 165 years in the period between the Babylonian Captivity and the exiles return to Judea), 1,551 years would be deleted in Hebrew history. Consequently, the Messiah could not be Jesus because He had appeared in 4000 years later than Adam’s creation (4004 BC in the Hebrew revised timeline), rather than 5500 BC according to the Septuagint.

Once we add these years back into the timeline, not only is Jesus the fulfillment of their belief as to the timing of Messiah’s appearance, but the stories of Genesis 1-11 have a decidedly new slant and imply material changes to the way we understand the early times of the Bible.



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