Why Can’t the Universe Be Infinite?

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If God can be infinite, why can’t the universe be?

LIsten to Frank Turek explain what Kirk and Ray couldn’t explain.

The reason I’m posting this is because there’s a video I plan on working on, which deals with some of these issues. But it’s hard for me to say, “Atheists say matter and energy have always existed,” when, in fact, atheistic scientists like Stephen Hawking say that the universe DOES actually have a beginning, for a number of reasons, some of which Frank Turek explains here.

Brian and Kelly, who were debating Kirk and Ray, don’t realize that they’re contradicting the beliefs of the famous atheist Stephen Hawking.

Atheists are essentially disagreeing with themselves.

So how do I say, “Atheists say this,” when atheists aren’t actually in agreement about whether or not the universe is infinite?

It’s kind of hard to compare what atheists believe to what Christians believe when the atheists can’t even make up their minds about what they believe!



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