How The IDF runs the FBI

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Louis Freeh, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) visited Epstein Island. His name is among the 150 named in the “Epstein List” in civil suit of Ghislaine Maxwell

The director of the FBI visited an island Mossad ran with cameras filming acts with underage children. Everyone who went to this island was blackmailed and made unwilling spies on behalf of the IDF. The FBI’s protection of this pedo ring and illegal actions so openly seen by Americans make more sense knowing this. If you have horrible films of agency heads and control them via blackmail you run those agency’s. 

The FBI’s identical lock step tactics in league with IDF policy show this blackmail ring has completely run our FBI since 2001 at least. It is likely this blackmail ran to similar corrupt agents to give them control till today via identicle operations with different people. So yes the FBI is entirely corrupted by foreign intel of the IDF it’s a hard fact now.

The swamp rats are in full frenzy desperately trying to pivot away as they always do. After years of being mocked and ridiculed as right wing “conspiracy theorists” these documents shine light on a horrifying truth. You were right.

High ranking government officials, businessmen, and politicians are alleged to have been involved in a disgusting ring of sexual abuse and human trafficking and now we have the documents to back it up.

The 37 documents can be found and read here:

The question now is what do you believe should be done with the people who are on this list? What could possibly bring justice for the young women who were abused?


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