DNA proof- Modern Jews are not biologically related to the Biblical Hebrews

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In 2001 The Hebrew University at Jerusalem did mass DNA testing on Jews, they have a huge advantage as they have access to millions of Jews. They determined the different groups such as ((((((Ashkenazi)))))), Sephardic, Ethiopic, Mongolian Jews are NOT BIOLOGICALLY RELATED TO EACH OTHER nor are they related to the Arabs. The study was repeated at John Hopkins School of Medicine, in 2012 with the same results.

Abraham had 2 children, Ishmael who is the father of the Arabs and Isaac who is the father of Biblical Israel. Whats more, we KNOW who the Arabs are, they have a complete unbroken chain as to their identity, all the way to Abraham. Its the identity of the Jews who are constantly shifting and in question. This article will show that Jews are NOT BIOLOGICALLY RELATED TO ARABS. Therefore Jews are not biologically related to Abraham, thus cannot possibly be biologically related to Biblical Israel.

More simply: If someone claimed to be related to you but DNA tests showed he was NOT related to your blood brother, then he could NOT possibly be related to you…. You would now that person is a liar.

The Sephardic Jews are biologically identical to the Kurds. The Sephardic Jews are NOT biologically related to the (((Ashkenazi))). NO Jew group shares any genes from any other Jew group. All races and family groups share a gene code, the Jews lack any shared genes. They are entirely different people with entirely different histories.

Jews have used the dispersion of 70 AD, when Titus conquered Israel. They claim to be the dispersed Hebrews, but with modern DNA science, we know with absolute certainty, they are not.

These DNA finding are well established and been preformed by a number of other groups since 2001.

Dr. Areilla Oppenheim of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted the first comprehensive DNA study of Israelis and Palestinians in 2001. She concluded that Ashkenazi  Jews were of Mongolian 40% and Turkish 40% genome.

There was no Semitic blood connecting them to the original Middle Eastern Hebrews of 3,500 years ago in Jerusalem or Biblical territory. Jews were found to be more closely related to groups in the north of the Fertile Crescent (Kurds, Turks, and Armenians) than to their Arab neighbors.


This was confirmed by another DNA project from Dr. Eran Elhaik at the McKusick-Namans Institute of Genetic Medicine at the John Hopkins University of School of Medicine, in 2012. His conclusions were the same!

The results were consistent in depicting a Caucasus ancestry for all European Jews. The analysis showed a tight genetic relationship between European Jews and Caucasus populations and pinpointed the biogeographic origin of the European Jews to the south of Khazaria. i.e Ukraine.


At the same time, extensive DNA evidence showed that the Palestinians had 80% more or less Semitic blood in their ancestors, who were therefore determined to be the real Semites.

Connecting the dots

There is no “Jew” gene, Abraham was not from the Tribe of Judah, The other 11 tribes aren’t from the tribe of Judah, Noah was not from the tribe of Judah. In fact… the modern people self described as “Jew” aren’t from the tribe of Judah or any other Hebraic tribe. The truth about who they are is quite shocking to most people. They are first mentioned in Genesis 6… they are the Nephilim, giants of old, Anunnaki. I have other posts that delve into this subject specifically.


Isaac, who is the father of Israel, is the blood brother of Ishmael. Their biological father is Abraham.

There are questions about the lineage of the modern “Jew”. But there is no question about the modern Arabs. They have an unbroken genetic chain, we can follow every footstep of their linage all the way back to Abraham.

The problem is, Jews are not related to Arabs. Its like you have two brothers. One of the brothers has a son, then his son is also related to the other brother. But what does it mean if the “son” is not biologically related to the brother? It means the “son” cannot be in that family line and the first brother cannot be his FATHER.

The ones who identify as “Jews” are not related to the Hebrews because they are not related to Abraham. The are IMPOSTERS!

“The Black Sea and Crimea area” is ancient Khazaria, the REAL homeland of the (((Ashkenazi))) Jews.

The Palestinians are the direct bloodline of the Biblical Judeans.

Texe Marrs explains the bloodline of the Counterfeit Hebrews.

HISTORICAL evidence the Jews are not Biblical Israel








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