Proof that Schizophrenic Hallucinations are Demons

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The western mental health system is an expensive drug fueled merry-go-round where billions of people are being subjected to being drugged often with toxic side effects and very few if any are being cured. This is a travesty! An new and effective drug free energetic therapy is suggested to replace the use of toxic psychiatric drugs in many cases.

Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.— Jerry is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation. He has held the positions of 2nd Lt. Arizona Civil Air Patrol and Assistant Scout Master. His formal academic training comprises a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Georgia, and two years of study in a Ph.D. Psychology program. He is the co-author of An Amazing Journey Into The Psychotic Mind – Breaking The Spell Of the Ivory Tower.

Mental Illness or Demons?

Mental Disorders and Demons


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