Scripturalism Vs. Judaism

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This series of lectures are delivered by Fred Coulter and constitutes over 30 hours. They are quite advanced lessons and beginners may find them dry and difficult to listen to, while others with the background education level will find them extremely enlightening.

Each lession has both a audio and transcripts.

Scripturalists vs Traditions
Faith and Scripturalism
Jesus was not Judaized
Why Jesus Never Was a Pharisee
True Christianity has No Foundation in Judaism

What it Would be like to be in the Church of the Pharisees?
Jesus Fulfilled—Completed—the Law
The Spiritual Message
Basic Ingredients of Christian Living
Matthew 9-12

The Temple to be Built
The Seat of Moses
Who was in Charge of the Temple?
The Separation of the Church from Judaism
From Saul to the Apostle Paul

The Acts of the Apostles
Martyrdom of Stephen and the Calling of Paul
Ministry of Paul
Circumcision of the Heart
Paul Turns the World Upside Down


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