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Signs is written and produced by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project. The film has a total run-time of 2 hours and 39 minutes.

The film “Signs” is an exploration of Biblical and non-Biblical ancient signs, symbols and legends.

Signs is Part (5) Five of the Genesis Documentary Series.

The films that follow Signs are: Vav Part One and Vav Part Two (available at

Music in “Signs” is by:

Trevor DeMaere:…
Youtube for Trevor DeMaere:…

Mattia Cupelli:…
Youtube for Mattia Cupelli:…

Efisio Cross:
Youtube for Efisio Cross:

Hebrew Letters artwork and additionally book presentations by:

Tony and Laura Winkler:…

Signs web presentation constructed by Jesse Messenger and Attractive Media:

Jesse Messenger did an incredible and an amazing job. We very much hope to keep working with him in the future.

We thank for watching these films such as “Signs” by the God in a Nutshell project. We hope you also enjoy the “Vav” Part One & Two available at:


~Trey Smith
God in a Nutshell project


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