Tortured For Christ (Jewish Death Camps For Christians)

–[ < 1 MIN READ] This is a TRUE movie about only one of the eighty million Christians murdered by the JEWISH BOLSHEVICS’ in a Russian Gulag. They were arrested for crimes such as wearing a cross neckless, sharing the gospel, or owning a Bible. You can’t understand what White Genocide is about, until you understand who the Christians are. …

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Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – Dr. Antony Sutton

–[ < 1 MIN READ] https://archive.org/details/pdfy-jzdqXvsS5ZHaHNVy Bolshevik Revolution pdf https://archive.org/details/pdfy-Iqz3ytYcb3wWYJ0c Antony Sutton – The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.pdf Antony Sutton – Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler.pdf Antony Sutton – Americas Secret Establishment An Introduction to Skull and Bones.pdf 

Hitlers UFO and Alien Encounters

–[ < 1 MIN READ] Good to know. You should read through all the 5 Ufology Explained articles if you haven’t already. Ufology Explained – Part 1 – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technologyhttp://entityart.co.uk/ufology-explained-the-german-breakaway-group-psyops-disinfo-antarctica-reptilians-aliens-u-boats-nazi-ufos-technology-flying-saucers/ Ufology Explained, Part 2: Abductions, Secret Space Program, Starseeds, Underground Bases, Psyops & Truthshttp://entityart.co.uk/ufology-explained-part-2-abductions-secret-space-program-starseeds-underground-bases-aliens/ Who is on The …

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