Brutal Drawings From the Gulags

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The Jew Bolsheviks murdered 80 million Christians in their Gulag’s in the mid 1900s

By order of the ‘lumpen-proletariat leader,’ Viadimir Lenin

In the early 1920s in Vladikavkaz, the VChK arrested priests of various religious faiths and denominations. Before execution, they were given the choice to deny their religion in exchange for their lives. All of them refused. A young Lutheran priest spat in the face of one Commissar. They accepted death calmly and with dignity, setting an example for others.

‘If your gang of priests — enemies of Marxism who tricked the people with false promises of heaven — don’t meet the quota for building Communism and the bright future of the working class, I’ll shoot you all like saboteurs, you devils!’


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