Eye of Horas on Kabbalah Arch

Kabbalah secrets

–[ 3 MIN READ] After viewing these videos you will know more about Kabbalah than 90% of Judiacs including their Rabbis. You can express concepts and have a vocabulary that lets those in the higher Secret-Order know they can’t fool you, you know what its all about. Ancient unholy bible of the Anunnaki gave rise to many forms of …

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Occult Roots of “Shekinah Glory”

–[ 7 MIN READ] Michelangelo’s “God and Adam” on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, 1499 AD. “god” with his arm around Shekinah his girlfriend, she is god. The word “Shekinah” isn’t in the bible Shekinah is from the Kabbalah When the Jews do the “hip thrust” while praying (like when they are at the Wailing Wall) they are …

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Judaism: Revelation of Moses or Religion of men?

–[ 4 MIN READ] Philip Neal The Jewish community openly promotes Rabbinical Judaism as “the Old Testament religion of Moses.” Overwhelmingly, Christians believe this premise to be accurate. Jews, it is assumed, are for the most part just like Christians—except they don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah. As well, biblical scholars and theologians have taken for granted that Christianity …

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