The Crucifixion Of Russia – The Systematic Execution of 80 Million Christians By Jews

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The Holodomor is treated as a different genocide by Joseph Stalin. This documentary begins with Valdemar Lenin through the ‘end” of the Soviet regime. 80 million Christians were executed for crimes such as owning a bible, wearing a cross reckless, or sharing the gospel. When I was young, there were many stories of American missionaries going underground to communist Russia, smuggling in bibles and starting underground churches. Many were captured and murdered for this “crime”. The Jew has a long and deep seated hatred of the Abrahamic Faith, but only USE the Bible to further their cause (reduce the population to 500 million and enslave the survivors), today they have many disguises and are alive and well operating in Great Britain, the USA, China, Russia and in every country on the globe.


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