The HalleluYAH Scriptures: Scammers, Thieves, and Occultist Origination

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The Scriptures 2009 is a translation by the Institute for Scripture Research (ISR), an organization based out of South Africa that identifies as being Messianic. For the Tanak (Old Testament) they based their translation off the Leningrad Codex or Corrupt Massoretic Text and the Aramaic. The New Testament is based on the existing Greek copies, but not all Greek texts are equal. The ISR propagates that the whole bible was written in a Semitic language (Hebrew/Aramaic), and the Greek versions are just copies of those. But this is a verifiable false claim, see Which Is The Best Bible Version.

EXPOSED – The HalleluYAH Scriptures and United In Yah Active Scam BUST

Download the Full CENSORED HalleluYAH Scriptures

Well it’s been a busy weekend and early week for me. As my channels got struck and a war was initiated on myself and my family. There is always a reason for everything and when the dust settles we are going to see 10 years of using people and extorting people just to get the Word of YHWH. It is really hard to believe and process but let the evidence speak for itself.

If any researchers here can, 153news, want to dig on this I suspect they have land they bought with extorted funds and is around ’somewhere’.

I realize this is going to be very unpopular but the truth is sometimes dirty. Be very aware of the wolves my friends…much love to you all.

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