Who Defiled The Temple? FINALLY, The Truth Exposed By the Dead Sea Scrolls

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We are told one principal story of origin from the Book of Maccabees, that the Greeks defiled the Temple yet the Greeks do not record such in their history. The story relies on Maccabees almost exclusively though picked up by Josephus, a Hasmonean or Maccabee, and other historians. What about the Temple Priests who were exiled from the Temple by the Hasmoneans? What do they have to say? What is their recorded history? This is no mystery because it is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and it exposes the Books of Maccabees as a lie. This will hit hard but ring true. Yah Bless.

The Dead Sea Scroll writings used in this video, were published in English by Geza Vermes in 1962 and among the most credible of the kind. Page numbers and link appear on each slide which uses it. You can download his entire 761-page publishing free at: The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English Geza Vermes. Penguin Classics. Revised Edition. Published 1962. Revised 2004. https://couldbeanonymous.files.wordpr…


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