10 Reasons the ‘Holocaust’ Never Happened

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Over the last 40 years or so, due to the efforts of a small handful of extremely courageous Real Historians (often called “revisionists” but that term doesn’t really apply, it more aptly applies to the Cultural Marxists who’ve lied to us about our history), the truth about the so-called “holocaust” has slowly come out. And that truth is simply that it never happened. It is the biggest of Big Lies.

I’m the first to admit I’m no expert on the topic but many of those, whom I’ve come to trust, are. During the last decade or so, after listening to many different people on the topic, I’ve come to believe the above statement that the “holocaust” never happened. The following are the 10 major reasons why I’ve changed my view on the topic. If you have proof that any of the following are wrong, please let me know in the comments.

10 Reasons the “Holocaust” Never Happened

  1. The World Almanac reported that the world’s Jewish population was slightly larger just after the war than it was just before the war
  2. No Bodies: Nobody ever found mass graves or even a single ounce of ash, teeth, or bone
  3. No Gas Chambers: Nobody ever found a single gas chamber capable of killing humans, never-mind six million of them
  4. No Crematoria: Nobody ever found crematoria capable of incinerating six million bodies
  5. No Written Orders were ever discovered ordering the deaths of Jews
  6. No Mention of a “Holocaust” in historical works like Churchill’s six-volume history of the war, The Second World War
  7. Camp Workers and Residents living near the camps can not recall anyone going missing
  8. Red Cross Representatives Were Stationed in the Camps and none ever reported a “holocaust”
  9. Jewish Elites Have Repeatedly Cried “Six Million”: After nearly every major European conflict of the 19th and 20th centuries, Jews cried “holocaust”
  10. Six Million is the Number of Jews That Were Transported to the Camps, yet the camps were full at the end of the war

11. Its a CRIME to question the Holocaust in 19 countries. There is no other “history event” in the world that has to be protected by CRIMINAL LAW.

Notes on the above

1. The World Almanac Reports: The World Almanac reported that there were roughly 15.3 million Jews in the world in 1933 when Judea famously declared war on Germany and a little under 15.8 million in 1948, just after the war. According to most sources, there are still roughly 14.8 million Jews in the world. And that number has held steady for over a century.

The world’s Jewish population in 1933 & 1948

2. No Bodies: No where near six million bodies were ever found. They say this is because they were burned in pits. Crematorium owners and other experts on the subject assure us that it is impossible to burn a human body to ash without specially designed incinerators. Even garbage incinerators won’t do it.

You’ve probably seen the photos of emaciated bodies piled high in huge mounds. Turns-out, none of those photos have ever been authenticated and are probably pictures from the Soviet camps (gulags and others) where mass murders did take place. All of the authentic photos of the Jewish camps show relatively healthy well-fed inmates.

Jews in camp

3. No Gas Chambers: Although there were gas chambers at the camps, none capable of killing humans en masse has ever been found. The chambers found in the camps today were used for delousing the prisoners clothing and bedding. No one disputes this nor does anyone claim they were used for gassing people. Further, the Zyklon B supply was exhausted circa 1942-3 after which time most of the gassings were reported to have occurred. The Germans switched to steam for delousing purposes. Another important question: if they were in the camps to be exterminated why were the Germans so interested in their comfort and routinely delousing their clothing and bedding?

Delousing saunas

4. No Crematoria: There were crematoria in at least one of the camps, and they were used for cremating bodies — people did die in the camps from accidents, natural causes, and diseases like typhus and it was dangerous to bury them in camps that had high water tables, so they were cremated instead.

5. No Written Order: No shred of a paper trail has ever been found. Given that the Reich was notoriously assiduous in matters of record-keeping and recorded every order in triplicate it’s hard to believe that something so important was accomplished with zero paperwork. Eventually, a document was submitted purporting to be proof of a written order but it was quickly dismissed as a Soviet forgery. Apparently, it was written with German vocabulary — but Russian grammar and syntax.

6. No Mention of a “Holocaust” in Historical Works. Winston Churchill authored a roughly 4,500 page, six-volume history of World War II called The Second World War — he never mentions a deliberate attempt to exterminate Jews. Other men who played a major role in World War Two, like Dwight Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle, never mentioned a “holocaust” of Jews in their memoirs. In fact, the term didn’t even come into vogue until Kurt Vonnegut coined the term in his 1969 novel Slaughterhouse Five. He, of course, was writing about the very real holocaust (Greek for “burnt offering”) of civilians in the allied firebombing of Dresden.

7. Camp Workers and Residents around the camp don’t recall a “holocaust”. Although we’ve all heard the stories from Jews of having their friends and relatives killed before their eyes or having narrowly escaped death themselves, few, if any, non-Jews have ever corroborated these tales. As I understand, the Nuremberg Trials of “war criminials” used the same small number of Jewish “witnesses” for every case.

8. Red Cross Representatives Were Stationed in the Campsand None Ever Reported Malfeasance. Further, at the insistence of the Germans, the Red Cross often sent teams in to inspect the camps and they routinely reported that there were no violations of the early Geneva Conventions. As a side note, there is an apocryphal report floating around the web which states that roughly 275,000 Jews died in the camps, most toward the end of the war when typhus hit central Europe hard. Others, of course, died from natural causes.

9. Several times over the centuries Jewish Elites Have Cried Six Million in order to fleece their flock. Including a famous declaration of a holocaust after the First World War.

Some of the many claimed “holocausts” before WWII

10. Six Million Jews Were Transported to the Camps, yet the camps were full at the end of the war. This one is self-evident, if six million were interned and they were all more or less present at the end of the war (except for the natural number of deaths in a population that size over six years) then how can one accept the claim of six million dead.

11. Its a CRIME to question the Holocaust in 19 countries. There is no other “history event” in the world that has to be protected by CRIMINAL LAW.


Given the above, why does the establishment inundate us with the “holocaust” narrative? The answer is simple. The Western establishment is dominated by a relatively small handful of Jewish Oligarchs who are trying to destroy all opposition to the Jew World Order. The “holocaust” narrative is intended to induce guilt in Whites in an effort to prevent us from resisting Jewish Rule.

Holocaust Evidenced as Hoax

For those interested in learning more, see the Colchester Collection’s short (but growing) list of books on the subject of the “Holocaust”.

Also, I recommend Fredrick Toben’s excellent documentary, which gives a more thorough treatment of the topic: Judea Declares War on Germany


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