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Denying the apostle Paul and believing that he is a false apostle, or that he contradicts the Messiah and therefore should be discarded (even though the Messiah Himself called Paul His chosen vessel) is not a decision that can be made without dire spiritual consequences. In fact, if one embraces this false belief, it won’t belong until they make complete shipwreck of their faith and lose their crown, most likely without remedy (unless they repent quickly enough).

Let’s take a look at the inevitable consequences of denying Paul:

If one does this, he must necessarily discard at least 13 books in the New Testament (14 if one considers that Paul wrote Hebrews, but for the sake of argument, let’s say he didn’t). So now he has only 14 books left (out of the original 27).

Immediately after that, he will be forced to discard the book of Acts, which records Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus and his interaction with Ananias; after all, Ananias was told by the Messiah himself that Paul was His chosen vessel to bear His name to the Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel.

By discarding Acts, out throws away the entire historical record of the early church, the spread of the Gospel, the Roman and Jewish persecution of the church, its victories, the Day of Pentecost, and so many other foundational and historical accounts. Now there are ony 13 books left.

Then one must discard the Gospel of Luke, after all, if Luke wrote Acts and Acts cannot be trusted as truth, out goes his gospel as well. 12 books left now.

Then we have the apostle Peter, who in 1 Peter 3:15-16 called Paul “our beloved brother” and said that Paul’s letters were difficult to understand and were often twisted by unstable people. So, since Peter is no longer reliable, out he goes. That leaves only 10 books now, out of the original 27 (17 having already been thrown in the trash bin).

In Galatians 2:9, Paul says that James, Peter, and John gave him and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship. But since Paul is now a liar, we cannot take that into consideration, so for now we will leave the letters of John and James.

However, if Peter is a liar for calling Paul his beloved brother (a real apostle would never call a false one his beloved brother), doesn’t that mean that the affirmation in the gospel of Matthew 16:18 must be a lie, since it says that Messiah commended Peter for the revelation the Father had given him, saying that upon that rock (the revelation that He was the Christ) He would build His church? So Matthew must be a liar too. Let’s toss his gospel as well. 9 books left, only two gospels.

There’s another problem, though. In John 21:15, Messiah told Peter to feed His sheep. But if Peter was a false apostle (after all he called Paul his beloved brother), then John must have been a liar because the Messiah would never tell a false apostle to feed His sheep. So now we have to toss ALL of John’s books, which total 5. And we will only have 4 books left: Mark, Jude, Hebrews, and James.

Do you honestly think anyone can keep their faith based on only 4 books out of the original 27 in the New Testament?

The problem is that the only gospel left, Mark, was written by a disciple of Peter. The logical next step will be to discard his gospel too. Now one has no gospels, no record of Messiah, and has effectively erased Messiah altogether from the Scriptures. Without Messiah, one will be lost. No qualms about it.

Please think this through, you don’t want to throw your soul to the dogs because of a new trend on Facebook.



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