The Bolshevik Revolution – Babylonian Jesuits And Babylonian Jews In Russia

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The role behind the scenes, the Jesuits played in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The Jesuits and the Jews link to the same gang, the Babylonians, who also created the Persian Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire.

Ancient Iranian/Babylonian Bloodlines

Crypto-Jews And Freemasonry In Iran

The History Of The Elamites

Babylon, Media, Persia – The Genealogy Of Jewish Persian Kings

The Kings Of Assyria, Babylon, Persia And Greece

How Persia Created Judaism: The Rise Of Persia

Persia And The Creation Of Judaism

America Was Found By Ancient Amorite Babylonian Families

Subversion Of History – Counterfeit Science Data And Models

From Guy Fawkes To 9/11 – 400 Years Of State Sponsored Terrorism

Hyksos Hebrew Jews – Moses, Akhenaton, Atonists The Cult Of Aton

The Bible Christian Christianity Explained

All US Presidents Are Related And Selected By Satanic Blue Blood

The Windsor-Bush Bloodline – Traced Back To Philip Of Macedon

The Jews First Appeared In The City Of Ur Chaldea Babylon Around 675 BC

The Jewish Lie – Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites

Hyksos Hebrew – Jews Steal The History Of Others

The Anunnaki Bible – Babylonian Marduk And Jewish Yahweh

Jesus Secret Family – The Lineage Of Mary Jesus Mother That You Never Knew

The Khazar Jews Theory – A 19th Century Russian Jewish Hoax

The Venetian Black ”Nobility” Banking Mafia

John Coleman – The Committee of 300

Stanley Monteith – The Brotherhood Of Darkness

In The Shadow Of Hermes: The Secrets Of Communism

The Black “Nobility”, Switzerland, Roche Crime Corporation

The Medici And The Mosaic Bloodline – The Genealogy Of Modern Banking

DOPE INC – Freemasonry, HSBC Bank Created The Opium Trade

Sun Yat-sen – A Crypto-Jew, Rothschild Agent, “Father Of The Republic Of China”

How Jews Took Over China And Created Jewish Communism Party (JCP)

David Goldberg Reveals Extermination Plans

Corona = The Crown Corporation Queen Of G. Britain

Donald Trump Satanic New Age Doctor Network

Donald Trump – The First Jewish President Of The USA

The Jewish Family Tree Of Donald Trump



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