Demon infested humanoids walk among us

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Upsidedown Shadow walking on sidewalk

Many people are faith walkers, and many others suppress the truth in unrighteousness; yet almost everyone believes that there are evil forces at play in our world, and it’s never been more obvious than right now. Though Medieval times people were primitive and brutally violent, it doesn’t amass to what’s going on today, with mass genocide, widespread “gender-fluid” perversion, human trafficking including children and human sacrifice like 9/11, REAL Satanic rituals the entire world can watch live and uncensored on TV, social media and YouTube.

It’s sick, twisted and demented, and these humans who run it and participate in it all don’t really seem so much human anymore, but more like humanoids. Demon-infested humanoids.

It’s no wonder we don’t have pay-per-view executions of Bible thumping “domestic terrorists” and of new born babies, and citizens who defy the false “narrative” of the pandemic or fixed elections. Make no mistake, there are demon-infested humanoids running this country right now, and they also infest Hollywood, Disney, and every other Cultural Marxist, Leftist-run metropolitan city in America.

“The Kosher ones” always push for mass abortions via Planned Parenthood in nearly every metropolitan city in America (focusing on minorities)

The humanoid-demons love poisoning themselves and others. They like the spike protein vaccines. They also love abortions, even up to or past the day of birth (supposedly a still-beating human heart is the ultimate sacrifice for Satan). Even the Pope calls the deadly Fauci clot shots “An act of love” — they cause 3/4ths of pregnancies to spontaneously end in abortion or miscarriage.

Plus, mental and physical sickness are the fuel of these devils to spread their hate and dementia, as misery loves company. That’s why most of the Kosher Demons support this whole “gender fluid” movement where nobody knows whether they are male or female at any given moment, and everyone is supposed to think about sex all day, flaunt their confused sexuality at all times, and have multiple sex partners always, in hopes of catching and spreading (the gay disease) Monkeypox. Even the White House admits Monkeypox is a gay disease.

Top 8 Protocols of the learned kosher demon infested humanoids

#1. Abortions (even on day of birth) and miscarriages to sacrifice to Satan

#2. Cannibalism by vaccines that contain human abortion cells and also cause spontaneous abortions. Human meat in fast-food.

#3. To participate in orgies, gender fluidity, pedophilia, necromancy, and anything else sexually trans-perverted

#4. Child trafficking, child abuse and child pornography

#5. Other demons running the country

#6. To worship idols, witchcraft and celebrity demons

#7. To turn the globe into a Slave planet with about 500 million to serve the pedo faggot Rabbis and Priests

#8. But the MOST important protocol, is to get Image Bearers to step out of faith with our Creator.

Have you seen the news lately? Crime rates in metropolitan cities of America have skyrocketed as much as 400 percent since the plandemic began. That’s insane. All while poverty rises at an alarming rate with all the chaos, violence and mayhem thereof. All this and Democrats still want to de-fund the police, across the board. It’s like the movie Escape from New York, where the whole rotting, demon-infested city is one big prison, and anyone living there could die at any moment from the violence and lawlessness. Check out how familiar this looks, like Seattle or Portland during a BLM/Antifa “peaceful protest.”

Now, there are highly classified experiments going on in laboratories, run by a most evil regime on Earth, the Jewish owned Chinese Communist Party. Inside these labs, diseases and new “gain of function” viruses are created and released, along with the most deadly “vaccines” ever manufactured, that cause horrific blood clotting in the blood vessels of the humanoids that get injected, over and over again.

Tens of thousands of injected zombies have already died from the gene mutation jabs. The rest are becoming more sickly, spreading the virus through shedding to each other, systematically losing their immune system function (ADE and AIDS), and dying from SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), which means having heart attacks and strokes caused by the spike proteins from the shots.

Meanwhile, our planet is run by complete morons who don’t know what they’re talking about at any given moment, while their strings are being pulled by the likes of the most evil people still walking this planet, namely Israel and the Khazarian Mafia.

So yes, demon-infected humanoids are walking among us, and they are all brainwashed to try to make the healthy people succumb to their twisted ways. So tune your scamdemic frequency to the Holy Bible of the ancient Hebrews, and walk in His Great Spirit for truth to discern news about genocidal vaccines and satanic abortion rituals that are being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

Its not going to “return to normal”, this was their plan all along. The question now is what do we do about it?


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