Solomon’s Gold Series – by The God Culture

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This series has 98 video parts on youTube.
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ALL FOR FREE!! To learn more about your roots PILIPINAS!! Yes, Philippines is in the Bible?! 415+videos to watch, or listen on Podcast, or read on e-Book six (6) books to explore. ALL FOR FREE!! Tagalog Videos Playlist: Start from Solomon’s Gold Series to connect the dot’s… English playlist below. Six (6) books to explore. Wish to have a copy?! Please NO Purchase on Holy Sabbath Day. Nehemiah 13:15 Isaiah 59:13-14. (All Books. Links to Amazon and Shopee PH for your area.) The Search for Solomon’s Gold/Treasure Facebook: Website: Remember to Prove All Things For Your Self. 1Thessalonian 5:21. Source Book has 300 pages to explore.. DISPROVED IT!! IF YOU CAN?! Thoroughly researched by geography, history, the Bible & more. NOT Religion nor Politics! It’s The FACTS!! Wake Up!! Pilipino people & the World! Psalm 107:10-11 Adda nagbibiag iti lidem ken sipnget; balud nga agsagsagaba gapu iti pannakakawarna,gapu ta sinukirda dagiti bilin ti DIYOS, ket linaksidda ti pannursuro ti Kangatoan. Psalm 112: 1-10 Nagasat ti tao nga agbuteng ken ni YHWH, a maragsakan a mangtungpal kadagiti bilbilinna. 2. Nabilegto dagiti annakda iti daga; mabendisionanto dagiti kaputotanna. 7. Dinto agbuteng a makangngeg kadagiti dakes a damag. Natibker ti pammatina, ket agtalek ken YHWH. 8. Saan nga agdanag wenno agbuteng, di agduadua a makitananto a maparmek ti kabusorna. 10. Makita daytoy dagiti managdakdakes, ket makapungtotda. Agngarrietda ket pumanawda kalpasanna; mapukaw a mamimpinsan ti namnamada. Thoroughly researched by geography, history, the Bible & more. NOT Religion nor Politics! IT’S THE FACTS!! ALL FOR FREE!! Video playlist links. on Rumble, Utreon, Odessy, Parler, Youtube. Audio Format Internationally: (Includes Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many more platforms. Free on our website.) Alternative Video Platforms Now Available: Rumble: Utreon: What Adam used to make an offer to the Holy One Most High Creator?!, PILI-PINAS are you one of the Chosen people on earth?!, What?! Queen from the Philippines used the Gold to make an offer with The Creator’s Son when HE Was Born?!.. Explore now…The Search for King Solomon’s Treasure/Gold Book tells us all. The Book of Jubilees.. What?! till now.. Ethiopian canon has this book in their Bible?! shows how Noah divides the earth, how many days in a year?, direction of the Garden of Eden to the Philippines & more. Check 2nd Esdras the prophecy Book. Will America Disappear?!, The Final World Empire… who will stand in the End Times?! & more. The case of Rest/Sabbath Book.. Who will be Blessed in the Last Days?!, What?!! All Nations will come to the Philippines to celebrate the Feast?!. Isaiah 66: Ophir Philippines Coffee Table Book.. has maps that you can not ignore…year 1432 maps, who owns the Shoal?! & more. The Oldest History on Earth..before the Flood.. Book of Enoch tells us what he saw before the Flood, the Oldest map to the Garden of Eden to the Philippines, & more..explore now! PILI-CHOSEN-PINO-FINE PEOPLE CLAIM YOUR IDENTITY BACK NOW. Thank you for watching, please subscribe, click the bell, & share to all. All For Free!! Someone give to our attention about “Pay Behind The Wall” This is NOT US!! Please let us know if you find anything else that need our attention. Again, Thank you for giving us attention to this matter. Isaiah 44:9-20. Minamaag ti Panagdaydayaw kadagiti Kinitikitan a Ladawan! 9. Awan ti serserbi dagiti amin nga agar-aramid kadagiti imahen. Awan mamaay dagiti didiosen nga ipatpategda unay. Bulsek ken ignorante dagita nga agdaydayaw kadagitoy a didiosen. Maibabindanto. 10. Bambannog laeng ti aramid iti ladawan a pagdaydayawan a kas maysa a dios! 11. MALALAISTO ti AMIN nga Agdaydayaw iti ladawan. Tao laeng a kas kadatayo dagiti agar-aramid kadagiti ladawan. Umayda koma ket mausigda-agbutengdanto ket maibabainda. pls read on.. A Book dated 1640 named “Ti Biag Ni Lam-Ang” tells us more about a name “MARCOS”! Check it out!! Gumising na Pilipinas sa katotohanan!! Sa Matagal na paghihirap!! Kayang kaya natin to!! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas kong Mahal!! ??????? Will Be Great Again!! Matthew 12:42! Yah bless.


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