Cultural Marxism

The Kalergi Plan

–[ 2 MIN READ] “The Kalergi Plan” is only ONE of a number of published works that call for the extermination of all White People on earth. This notion draws on a number of other Rabbinical sources as to the “How” to accomplish this plan. They’re goal is to eliminate all White People by the year 2080, they are currently […]

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Gender Bender Agenda

–[ < 1 MIN READ] BEWARE OF HOMOSEXUALS! This is just crazy! “Boys Beware” is a dramatized short public service announcement film released through Sid Davis Productions. It deals with the very real danger to young boys: predatory homosexuals. The film was released in 1961.

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Best of Lana Lokteff at Red Ice

–[ < 1 MIN READ] Am I White.mp4  98.6M Barbara Spectre Is Back.mp4  32.8M Dalai Lama Says Europe for Europeans.mp4  66.1M Diversity Is a Weapon Against White People.mp4  52.0M Ethno-States Will Never Work.mp4  99.5M Feminist Professor White Nuclear Families Are Racist & Supremacist.mp4  50.6M Forced Diversity Is Not Our Strength.mp4  40.5M Go Back To Europe.mp4  55.1M How To Become An

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Sodomite Social Engineering – 2018 Documentary HD

–[ < 1 MIN READ] From Hollywood, Netflix, to the Rockefeller foundation and social engineering, there is an agenda looming to subvert your culture and corrupt the mind of your children. Be sure to research these things for yourself! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! This video was made for educational purposes, is within public interest and meets fair use policy. WARNING!

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