The Biblical Calendar

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I remember meeting Herb Solinsky maybe 30 years ago. Even back then he was extraordinarily brilliant with biblical calendar issues. He has written a dozen books (All free to download–and study) that are incredibly detailed and thorough. He has addressed every objection I’ve ever heard. No matter what your persuasion, you should at least know these arguments.

To reassure you, Herb is a Jew. He has renounced Judaism but still identifies as a “Jew”. He CAN identify biblical Israel, but hasn’t renounced his affiliation with the “Jew” brand. So, his theology is not sound. But when it comes to the Biblical Calendar, he is second to none. I would be remiss to not share his findings with you.

The biblical calendar is so simple, even a young shepherd boy can know what day it is…men make it complicated.

The first New Moon after the spring equinox is the first day of the New Year.


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