The Christian Passover Book

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The Christian Passover Book cover

With nearly 500 pages, The Christian Passover Book is the most comprehensive, easy to read book, Ive ever seen. Plenty of charts, illustrations, graphs, and layman explanations to guide the reader. The citation is quite thorough and authoritative. You can read it on-line or download it for FREE. You can also order a hard copy, Ive owned mine for about 25 years… Or download the complete Audio Book.

I have seen “refute” books in the past, but they always only refute on the grounds of Jewish rituals rather than scriptural evidence. There are others who embrace other writings such as Enoch and Jubilees, but they don’t disagree, they only add more information to the biblical account.

Here is a survey of the Table of Contents to give you a taste for whats inside:
(Click on the link to have it read aloud


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