When Putin Advised the Anti White Communist Insurgents of SWAPO

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If you are a nationalist in the West/Anglosphere, you are pretty much guaranteed to hear people singing the praises of Soviet Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin. Despite him being an admitted “former” KGB spymaster, many see Putin as a bulwark against what many call “Globohomo.”

The truth is that Putin is one of the most anti White forces that we currently face. This isn’t new for him either. During his time in the KGB when he wasn’t arming communist terrorist organizations such as West Germany’s Red Army Faction, or Italy’s infamous Red Brigades, he served as a military adviser and trainer to the violently anti White terrorists of SWAPO. SWAPO is the current ruling party of Namibia, they are very similar to the anti White ANC in many respects. Both outfits were creations of the KGB, both had Soviet jews operating the groups behind the scenes, and both carried out horrible atrocities mostly targeting civilians in White South Africa, and South West Africa which is known today as Namibia.

SWAPO operated out of training camps that were run by the KGB in the Soviet satellite states of Angola and Mozambique. At these training camps, impressionable Africans were recruited and they were trained in terrorist tactics by the Cuban military and KGB intelligence officers. It was terrorist attacks by SWAPO that kicked off South Africa’s protracted border war that lasted from 1966 to 1990. SWAPO would carry out cross border raids into Rhodesia, South West Africa (Namibia), and South Africa, until the South African military finally fought back and pushed many of these terrorist regiments back into Angola and Mozambique.

Some SWAPO attacks were so gruesome that many high ranking Cuban military personnel refused to continue arming them, until they were threatened by KGB officials including Putin, that their military aid would be cut off unless they continued with the training. SWAPO murdered entire families of White settlers, carried out a brutal hijacking of a school bus full of White children in South West Africa that resulted in nine of them being murdered and six being severely injured. They placed nailbombs in cafe’s and busy markets. They would engage in arson attacks and even resorted to poisoning water supplies. By the end of the war, at least 2000 Whites had died as a result of SWAPO attacks.

This is the reality of who Putin really is. Putin will utilize pro Whites for his own geostrategic aims, and he will also slaughter White people to achieve those goals as well. Putin has one cause that he is loyal to, and that is the advancement of world communism.


SADF operations in Angola


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