ADL (Jew terrorist organization) Train All New FBI Agents

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The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is classified by the FBI as a Terrorist Organization in 1968. Its ring leader, Rabbi Meir Kahane, with a number of other Jews in its 15,000 member mafia. He was arrested and sent to federal prison for bombings, murders, extortion, and numerous other crimes. He was killed in prison.

But the organization is ran and financed by NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and moved to Canada. The building still remains, but all the paid members got a NEW building and a NEW name, they are now called the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). They are still ran and operated by the same money moguls and Banksters as the JDL its just that nobody works in the JDL they all moved to the ADL.

The Jews control America and the world at large by proxy. They have either a Jew or high ranking FreeMason in all the key positions of Government, Banking, Media, and they own extremely well financed NGOs and Electronic Intifada.

Jews Control The Government


ALL Jews have DUAL CITIZENSHIPS, that means they pledge their allegiance to a different flag than of their host country. Should we have nationalists from a foreign sovereign nation holding high office in this country?

85% of Joe Biden’s cabinet is Jew

Just how “diverse” is Biden’s “Jewish-Catholic” cabinet?

  1. White House Chief of Staff -Ron Klain Ashkenazi Jew
  2. Secretary of State -Anthony Blinken Ashkenazi Jew
  3. Secretary of the Treasury -Janet Yellen Ashkenazi Jew
  4. US Ambassador to Israel -Tom Nides Ashkenazi Jew
  5. Secretary of Homeland Security -Alejandro Mayorkas Ashkenazi Jew
  6. Member of Council of Economic Advisers -Jared Bernstein Ashkenazi Jew
  7. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John -Kerry/Cohen Ashkenazi Jew
  8. COVID 19 -Czar Jeff Zients Ashkenazi Jew
  9. CDC Director -Rochelle Walensky Ashkenazi Jew
  10. US Attorney General -Merrick Garland Ashkenazi Jew
  11. Director of National Intelligence -Avril Haines Ashkenazi Jew
  12. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy -Ruth Sherman Ashkenazi Jew
  13. Science and Technology Adviser -Eric Lander Ashkenazi Jew
  14. Deputy National Security Advisor -Ann Neuberger Ashkenazi Jew
  15. Deputy CIA Director -David Cohen Ashkenazi Jew
  16. Deputy Health Secretary -Rachel Levine Ashkenazi Jew (Transgender Homosexual)
  17. US Special Representative for Iran -Robert Malley Ashkenazi Jew
  18. Second Gentleman -Doug Emhoff Ashkenazi Jew
  19. U.S. envoy to Germany -Amy Gutmann Ashkenazi Jew
  20. US ambassador to Israel -Thomas Nides Ashkenazi Jew
  21. Assistant administrator for the Middle East at USAID -Tamara Cofman Wittes Ashkenazi Jew
  22. U.S. Special Envoy/Ambassador to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism -Deborah Lipstadt Ashkenazi Jew
  23. Federal Communications Commission Acting Chair -Jessica Rosenworcel Ashkenazi Jew
  24. 24. U.S. Energy Envoy -Amos Hochstein Ashkenazi Jew

Here’s a Jewish reading guide to Joe Biden, president elect, Forward, 11/7/2020,
All three of Biden’s children married members of the Jewish tribe. Forward, 11/7/2020,
“5 Jewish things to know about US vice president candidate Kamala Harris,” The Times of Israel, 12 August 2020,
All the Jews Joe Biden has tapped for top roles in his administration, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 1/20/2021,

These disproportionate Jewish ethno-political appointments or nominations by both Biden and Trump in addition to dozens of elected Jewish Members of Congress (and a third of US Supreme Court members in 2014) can only give a glimpse of the Power of Israel in the United States.

Trump: “Israel literally owned Congress”

Jews Control the Banking

Banking PART 1PART 2PART 3
Taxes (Politicians give $Billions$ to Israel, Israel gives it to AIPAC, AIPAC buys off politicians)
Federal Reserve (Central Bank, Fractional Reserve, Loans, Interest, Dollar INS”T American)
Jews control over half the wealth of the ENTIRE world

Jews Control the Media


The wealthy Cabal of Banksters finance independant Jews who start ACTIVISM groups (usually fresh out of college or experienced from other Cells) that further the goals of the Khazarian Mafia. They do this all over the world…

The Israel Lobby (all 4 parts)

Jews Control The FBI

According to the organisations Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Researching the American-Israeli Alliance (RAIA), one common theme shared between United States and Israel is the exchange of tactics and expertise in state violence, which has been ongoing for 18 years.

Thousands more agencies from across the US – including agents from the FBI, CIA, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – have been schooled at these meetings in both Israel and the US, sponsored by the ADL and Israeli lobby organisations.

The ADL on Twitter bragging about how they control the American FBI.

From the ADL Website:
“For over 100 years, ADL has been a leader in identifying and calling out antisemitism and hate. An important part of our work is ensuring that law enforcement agencies and personnel at the local, state and federal levels understand the threats to vulnerable populations.  In order to do this effectively, ADL shares our resources and expertise on extremism.  In 2021 alone, ADL Center on Extremism (COE) provided law enforcement with critical intelligence about extremism over 1,300 times and tracked over 7,300 incidents of hate on our online, interactive H.E.A.T. map.”

Leaked: Israels plan to prosecute Palestinian protesters, how does the ADL (an NGO) have the power to “Prosecute”?

Listen to the deranged conversation of Jew Jonathan Greenblatt

ADL Trains Law Enforcement Commandos from Across the Country
ADL Trains 40+ new agents
ADL Trains FBI on how to Identify, harass, and arrest White Supremists in spite of no Laws Broken
ADL Trains Federal Prosecutors
ADL Trains Federal Court Clerks

From the FBI website on WayBack Machine:
FBI and ADL change the world together
FBI and ADL fighting negitive emotions together
FBI Director Wray Addresses (((ADL))) at Never Is Now Summit
ADL Stakeholders include the US Dept. Of Defense, security sector and coalition military partners
U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI and ADL are one big happy family

Israel greases palm of FBI Directors and/or blackmails them
Head of FBI on Epstein (Israeli Mossad Agent) Flight Log
FBI pays Muslims to plot terrorist attack


IDF and Mossad are using Federal Agents to get away with Murder and serious injury of American Citizens


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