Jews are the enemy of humanity

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It would appear that Jews are behind every evil in the world.
I will eventually put links to each of these claims, and I don’t even have half of the atrocities committed by Jews listed yet.

👉 They were the Pirates of the Barbary Coast
👉 Not biologically related to Abraham of the bible
👉 Deliberately Corrupted the Old Testament with the Masoretic Text (Leningrad Codex)
👉 Duel Citizenships (Israeli/American) infest all the key offices in American Government
👉 LBGQ+Pedo organizers and lobbyist
👉 Cultural Marxism
👉 Frankfort School
👉 Responsible for the brutal murders of 500 million people in the last century.
👉 Responsible for the Holodomor
👉 Usury and debt economy
👉 Funds Abortion lobby
👉 Burned down Rome and blamed the Christians
👉 Killed the Son of God
👉 Planned WW1 (17 years before) – Started WW1
👉 Instigated a genocide of Hungarians
👉 Own all 6 Hollywood studios
👉 Own the magazines
👉 Own the newspapers
👉 Own the social media platforms
👉 Own the porn industry and use it to demoralize
👉 Print all the school books
👉 Control Wall Street
👉 Control the school system
👉 Control the FBI
👉 Control the CIA
👉 Controlled the KGB
👉 Ran the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and now blame it on whites
👉 Starved 12-18 million Ukrainians
👉 Started the Russian Revolution – Killed 50-67 million Christians
👉 Started the French Revolution
👉 Started the Spanish Revolution
👉 Started the German Revolution (The November Revolution)
👉 Started WW2 – blamed the Germans
👉 Lied about being gassed
👉 Ethnically cleansed Palestine
👉 Stole Israel in 1948 after the Rothschild-Balfour Declaration
👉 Changed the immigration policies in western countries in 1965
👉 Attacked The USS Liberty
👉 Attacked The USS Cole
👉 Attacked The Twin Towers
👉 Sent American sons to die for Israel in pointless, middle eastern wars
👉 Lied about WMDs in Iraq and repeated the above
👉 Were the first to give a white woman an abortion in Montreal
👉 Invented communism
👉 Invented the “Frankfurt School”
👉 Invented apartheid in South Africa
👉 Invented the abortion pill
👉 Invented feminism
👉 Invented the Homosexual movement
👉 Invented the pride movement
👉 Invented and runs the ADL
👉 Invented freemasonry
👉 Invented Black Lives Matter
👉 Invented the NAACP
👉 Invented Antifa
👉 Invented The KKK
👉 Invented NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association)
👉 Invented a climate disaster 3 times (global cooling, global warming, climate change)
👉 Founded: “The Church of Satan” (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Founded: “The Satanic Temple” (Jew Malcolm Jarry)
👉 Wrote: “The Satanic Bible” (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Wrote: “The Satanic Witch” (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Invented fake news
👉 Invented fake viruses
👉 Invented fake and lethal vaccines
👉 Put phytoestrogen (soy oil) in corporate baby formula (for males)
👉 Put all of the fluoride in the water
👉 Use mercury to fill people’s teeth
👉 Are expelled from 111 countries (Afghanistan & Yemen recently)

👉 Demoralize the earth
👉 Are satanic
👉 Are called the synagogue of Satan by the greatest man to ever have walked the earth
👉Invented Communism
👉Invented Fascisms
👉Invented Socialism
👉Created the Soviet union
👉Created the Chinese Communist Party
👉Funded the creation of the Nazi party through the Zionist Federation of Germany
👉Ran the Concentration Camps
👉Executed All non-zionist Jews as a Offering to a Holocaust (a Jewish sacrificial offering that was burned completely on an altar.)
👉Bombed American Military ship in order to drag America into ww2
👉Did 9/11
👉Steals American military secrets and hands it to Americas Enemies
👉Receives Foreign Aid from America and reinvests it into the Fed and earns interest off the Money Americans borrow from the fed that is being paid on interest.
👉Leaders of the Transatlantic slave trade blamed it on whites
👉Blamed Whites for slavery, Majority of slave owners were Jews.



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