The Jewish Slave Trade

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Jews: The REAL perpetrators of slavery

Elizabeth Donnan “Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade To America”

White people are singled out in the media as the perpetrators of slavery. But after extensive research we can see that this is not true at all. In fact, the opposite is true.

Having said that, to answer this question require us to divide it into two perspectives.

1) The owners. (to understand the ownership)
2) The slave ships. (to understand who brought them to America)

1) The Owners:

To the average layman, or a regular fan of history, navigating through the abundance of contradicting conclusions about this is a nightmare. You’d need to understand what to read, how to read it, compare and understand what to compare in order to get a sincere answer.

If you have, then history is quite clear on this, but the result will not be what most people would want to hear. Let’s dive into it.

Should you look at a diagram of the slave trade you would see a constant fluctuation and to explain this we would have to dedicate an extensive comment so I will leave it at that.

At the peak of American slavery in the 1780s, there where 77 000 slaves brought to America annually, these numbers are carefully researched and objectively true:

79.5 % of slaves were owned by Jewish ethnicity
20 % of slaves were owned by blacks
0.33 % of slaves were owned by white Americans

By the numbers:
~ 1200 out of 3000 Jews owned slaves (Arithmetic mean)
~ 9700 out of 2,770,000 white Americans owned slaves (Arithmetic mean)

Result: The slave owners in America were almost exclusively of African and Jewish ethnicity.

2) The slave ships:

The discrepancy between ethnic ownership is even greater when we take a look at the most notable slave ships but the result remains the same. This could be explained in many ways, looked at from multiple angles and studied until your eyes bleed.

Regardless of whether or not you are looking at the amount of slaves the ships could carry, the number of times the ships went back and forth between Africa and North America and/or seen through the lens of pure ethnic ownership of the slave ship owners – make no difference in the end. Especially when it comes to the core essence of the question.

Reconsidering Slavery

Video: John Ubele speaks about how he believes that some of the Jewish wealth from the Black Slave Trade was used to help create Israel

Louis Farrakhan exposes jewish slavery

? Not only are white Americans almost completely innocent of the crimes of slavery, the same Jews who pointed their sandy fingers at them, are the true forefathers of slavery


Jews, for a long time now, through the media, have singled out white Americans for something that the Jews were the overwhelming perpetrators of. It doesn’t even compare.

See, the Jew doesn’t just want to act like an animal. They also want others to take the blame for it.

And if that wasn’t subhuman enough, thirdly they use the event to get closer to the victim, so that you fight amongst yourselves while they hide in the shadows watching it unfold. As they are clapping their hands to the destruction they’ve caused, one needs to remember – it’s also in your house they are doing it. If that is not a world class subhuman, then what really is?


“Jews Were 2000 % More Likely To Own Slaves Than Whites Were”

For decades, like they always do by default, Jews have blamed the horrible African slave trade on white Americans. Jews always commit the most despicable acts and then blame somebody else for what they did in the first place. Some time ago I researched this topic myself.

If you sat down thinking about every single problem your country faces today, it’s almost impossible to think of a single one that Jews were not the founders of, funded and/or support.

Jews Were 2000 % More Likely To Own Slaves Than Were Whites

“The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” pdf download


The slave ships were:

Ship: Abigail | Owner: A Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Anne & Eliza | Owner: Justus Bosch, John Abrams | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Antigua | Owner: Nathan Marston, Abram Lyell | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Betsy | Owner: Wm. De Woolf | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Caracoa | Owner: Moses Levy, Sam Levy | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Charlotte | Owner: M Levy, S Levy, Jacob Franks | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Crown | Owner: Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Elizabeth | Owner: Mordecai, David Gomez | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Expedition | Owner: John & Jacob Roosevelt | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Four Sisters | Owner: Moses Levy | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Hester | Owner: Mordecai, David Gomez | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Nassau | Owner: Moses Levy | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Polly | Owner: James De Woolf | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Prudent Betty | Owner: Henry Cruger, Jacob Phoenix | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: White horse | Owner: Jan De Sweevts | Ethnicity: Jewish

Ship: Hannibal | a gigantic 450 ton wooden slave ship. It would make the list had it sailed more times, instead it’s most known for a catastrophic voyage in the late 1600s where half of the onboard slaves were killed or died.

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

White Slavery: The Privilege They Erased From History

Jewish Pirates -from the Sephardic inquisition to the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Untold History: the Jewish Slave Trade
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