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Sunday Laws in America

–[ 22 MIN READ] ROME’S CHALLENGE TO THE PROTESTANTS download pdf Written by Ken McFarland of : MY WORK INVOLVES, among other tasks, editing and preparing for publication materials for a wide variety of clients. At the moment, I’m working on a book setting forth the history of so-called Sunday “blue laws.”The very first such law was enacted in

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Understanding God’s Command for the Wave Sheaf

–[ 39 MIN READ] Dwight Blevins with contributions from: Betty Blevins, Marlin Halverson & Cassandra Halverson The commands of God for the Wave Sheaf as recorded in Leviticus 23 are very specific. The fulfillment of these commands is directly connected to the crossing of the Jordan River when the children of Israel began to conquer the land of Canaan also.  There is

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How to count fifty

–[ 48 MIN READ] The Feast of Weeks In counting to Pentecost, it is crucial to first determine the correct day on which to begin the fifty-day count. According to Scripture, we are to count “from the morrow after the Sabbath”—the weekly Sabbath. In certain years, however, Nisan 14 (the Passover day) falls on a weekly Sabbath, resulting in

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The Biblical Calendar

–[ < 1 MIN READ] I remember meeting Herb Solinsky maybe 30 years ago. Even back then he was extraordinarily brilliant with biblical calendar issues. He has written a dozen books (All free to download–and study) that are incredibly detailed and thorough. He has addressed every objection I’ve ever heard. No matter what your persuasion, you should at least know

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