The NEW “Anti-Semitism” Federal Bill makes the Bible Illegal

–[ 4 MIN READ] There are already laws on the books for people who commit crimes against others. Singling out Jews as being special and having extra rights is a horrendous misarrange of justice. Its a slap in the face to REAL minorities and REAL racial groups. There has been serious discussion concerning labeling “Jew” as “Semites”. Their history

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The Kalergi Plan

–[ 2 MIN READ] “The Kalergi Plan” is only ONE of a number of published works that call for the extermination of all White People on earth. This notion draws on a number of other Rabbinical sources as to the “How” to accomplish this plan. They’re goal is to eliminate all White People by the year 2080, they are currently

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Gender Bender Agenda

–[ < 1 MIN READ] BEWARE OF HOMOSEXUALS! This is just crazy! “Boys Beware” is a dramatized short public service announcement film released through Sid Davis Productions. It deals with the very real danger to young boys: predatory homosexuals. The film was released in 1961.

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The Crucifixion Of Russia – The Systematic Execution of 80 Million Christians By Jews

–[ < 1 MIN READ] The Holodomor is treated as a different genocide by Joseph Stalin. This documentary begins with Valdemar ((((((Lenin)))))) through the ‘end” of the Soviet regime. 80 million Christians were executed for crimes such as owning a bible, wearing a cross reckless, or sharing the gospel. When I was young, there were many stories of American missionaries

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The Jews did 9/11

–[ 4 MIN READ] 911 Missing Links They Did It – Dr. Alan Sabrosky.9/11 was a Mossad operation. https://www.bollyn.com/ Christopher Bollyn’s latest lecture: MAKING SENSE OF THE WAR ON TERROR | Christopher Bollyn Presentation (Ballard Library, Seattle | 2017-10-05) Christopher Bollyn's longest and most detailed presentation on who perpetrated 9/11 & the subsequent 'War on Terror' See also: ISRAEL

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The Pauline Paradox

–[ < 1 MIN READ] If the law of God has not changed, then how could so many people be wrong, and for so long? Is that even possible? Does it even make sense to question established mainstream theology and test it to the Word of God? In this teaching, we answer such questions PREREQUSITE: Acts 10: Peters Vision Acts

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