Kabbalah and the Rise of Mysticism – Chuck Missler

–[ < 1 MIN READ] Whether disillusioned by the self-imposed blinders and myopia of contemporary “science,” or frustrated by the moral bankruptcy of unbridled materialism, increasing numbers of desperate people are now seeking “answers” outside the realm of natural phenomena and are pursuing the supernatural. The anguished plea of the disenfranchised now begs the question, “Is there anyone out there?”

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Meet Benjamin Netanyahu

–[ 2 MIN READ] “Anti-Semitism” and “Holocaust” are two phytological tools used by Zionist terrorists in Jew created “Israel” and around the world. Benjamin Netanyahu is only a single spoke in the hive-mindedness of the Jewish plan to control the world as set forth by their Talmud. Jews believe if they exterminator the human population to 500 million then

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ADL (Jew terrorist organization) Train All New FBI Agents

–[ 6 MIN READ] The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is classified by the FBI as a Terrorist Organization in 1968. Its ring leader, Rabbi Meir Kahane, with a number of other Jews in its 15,000 member mafia. He was arrested and sent to federal prison for bombings, murders, extortion, and numerous other crimes. He was killed in prison. The

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Brutal Drawings From the Gulags

–[ 2 MIN READ] The Jew Bolsheviks murdered 80 million Christians in their Gulag’s in the mid 1900s https://archive.org/details/danzig-baldaev-drawings-from-the-gulag-2005 By order of the ‘lumpen-proletariat leader,’ Viadimir Lenin In the early 1920s in Vladikavkaz, the VChK arrested priests of various religious faiths and denominations. Before execution, they were given the choice to deny their religion in exchange for their lives.

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